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IT Services

Custom application development (desktop & mobile)

Cleph is always mindful of providing efficient and quality work while designing software according to your budget and timeframe. You can trust us as your number one custom software development company. From smart customization of pre-developed platforms to full-cycle custom software development that matches your vision, Cleph has the experience to deliver cost-effective and reliable custom software solutions that match your specific needs.

Product architecture & business requirements document

Designing holistic technical solutions to meet your goals. We help you answer your toughest technology questions today with tomorrow in mind. We balance your need to get to market quickly with an architecture that scales to adapt to changing business conditions. Our perspective has been developed through our extensive work with clients ranging from startups to billion dollar enterprises.

Quality assurance and testing

Cleph ensures that your platform provides your target customers with the correct experience. Your customers demand excellence and we help you deliver it with a focus on automated software and customer-centric testing. Our processes allow for better allocation of resources, repeatability, and the ability to deliver consistent test and quality assurance results. We consider every way a user might interact with a product to ensure a reliable experience. We provide a balance of speed and quality, allowing you to get to market faster without risking performance.

System modernization

Cleph minimizes business disruption while rebuilding legacy applications. System modernization services help clients address their migration and re-platforming needs while minimizing business disruption and reducing risk. We “future-proof” legacy applications while adding compelling new capabilities, such as mobility, big data analytics and cloud platform.

Cyber security

Cleph provides end-to-end advisory, protection and monitoring services to secure your organization. We advise on your cyber security strategy depending on your current level of maturity to help you define your security perimeter, objectives and procedures. We protect your systems with our cyber security solutions and monitor your system to detect and react in advance of cyber attacks.

Sql business intelligence & analytics services

Cleph helps clients transform raw data into actionable intelligence for effective strategic, tactical and operational insights and decision making. We offer end-to-end Business Intelligence Consulting Services to give you tools to view historical trends and patterns as well as insight to make better predictions. Customer behavior and opinion is integral to business success. Correct data is vital to the understanding of the customer psyche and underlying needs. At Cleph, we are constantly developing interfaces based on web systems featuring inbuilt AL algorithms with smart applications such as visualization tools like: Tableau, SAS, SAP, MicroStrategy and many more.

Business Strategic Solution consulting

Product strategy & design

Using outside-in-thinking to develop strategies for product success. Cleph brings together business, customer, and technology perspectives to create strategies that ensure your product or portfolio acquires, retains, and engages customers. We challenge convention through Lean Startup and Design Thinking methods by analyzing markets, interviewing customers, looking at the competition, and helping define roadmaps to set a course for your success.
We can help with an idea on the back of a napkin or a mature product. Let’s chart the course to reach your business goals together.

Business model design

Cleph helps you innovate your business (model). Are you looking for new revenue streams, new markets, new business or new products and services? Do you want to understand your current business (model), market trends, opportunities – and how to respond to them? Do you want to change your organization from product-oriented to service-oriented and define new ways to add value for your customers? We help you and your team understand your current business (model) and design new business models for your organization.

Value proposition design

Cleph helps you design your Value Proposition. What is the job you get done for your customer? What are their pains & gains? And how do you add value with your products and services? We help you design your Value Proposition using the Value Proposition Canvas.

Product validation

Cleph helps you test your idea in the market. After having designed different business model options with you and your team, we help you test your assumptions in the market. In the end, it is all about understanding your customers and their willingness to buy your product. We help you and your team get to know your customers through Customer Validation. Get out of the building, observe and interview them through a Customer Safari. We help you test your business model options backstage, with partners, resources and capabilities, and front stage, with customers and channels.

Capital fund raising

Cleph knows that it takes capital to make money and that constraints on finance flow can stifle your business’ growth. At Cleph, we get to know your business so our Growth Advisors can strategically help you find the best funding options to suit your business’ needs.

Lean innovation

Cleph balances creativity and effectiveness to create more value for you faster.
Doing the right things – and doing them in the right way. That is what effective innovation is all about. We apply Lean Innovation to define the ‘right things’ and the ‘right way’ for your organization. Lean Innovation can help organizations create better solutions faster. Lean thinking draws on visualization, frequent assumption testing and periods of ‘non-negotiable rules’ in the development process.